Four Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Enterprise Mobile Apps


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Erik Shermam from TechBeacon published an article on four pitfalls to avoid when building enterprise mobile apps. They are:

  • Wrong apps
  • Bad user experience (UX)
  • Slow deployment
  • No marketing

Erik and I chatted about one of the pitfalls: slow app development.Enterprises today must deliver apps fast. Build the first version of the app within weeks if not days, get feedback and repeat. The traditional 12-18 months application development cycle no longer works today.

Pitfall #3 from the article:

Pitfall 3: Slow deployment

There’s a huge demand for mobile apps, and many IT departments can’t keep up, says Max Katz, head of developer relations for custom enterprise app developer But not only are corporate technology groups understaffed, many IT departments lack expertise in Android and iOS development.

Enterprises also have to rethink their design cycles. “They’re used to delivering apps that take 12, 18 months, maybe two years,” Katz says. “With mobile you can’t do that. You need to deliver apps very fast, I mean weeks. Some of them, maybe a couple of days.” This is particularly challenging when a company needs native apps for multiple platforms, which can mean parallel development tracks and teams.

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Learn How to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps at NYC Apps Meetup

I will be in New York talking how to build enterprise mobile apps at NYC Apps meetup. Hope to see you there. App Builder App Builder


Gone are the days where you can afford to take months to build an enterprise mobile app. In today’s fast market, you need to be able to prototype the app in a few days, release the first version in a few weeks, get feedback, fix bugs, release the second version. Repeat. In this session you will learn how to use APIs and a cloud platform for rapid mobile development. We will use the mobile platform to build a real app. This is a live coding session where you will be able to test the app on your phone, and we will package the app for iOS/Android.


Thursday, July 16, 2015, 7:00 PM


Grand Central Tech
335 Madison Avenue, New York, NY (map)


Yes, I want to attend and also get 30-days free Standard plan ($45 value)

Learn How to Add Barcode Scanner with Database Search to Your App

We know that developers love examples. One of the most requested example is how to build an app with barcode scanner and search the database. We created an app example that does exactly that.

This example shows how to use the barcode scanner to scan a product then search the database for that code. If a product is found, then you can edit the product (name, quantity). If the product is not found in the database, you can add the product to the database. plugins plugins

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Get Started Quickly with New User Registration Example App for Bootstrap, Ionic with AngularJS

User login/registration is one of the most common features in a mobile app. With Database’s built-in user management feature, adding a login and registration capability to an app is very fast and simple. We know that developers love examples and so we created a ready-to-run app available in the App Builder that shows how to do that. In fact, we created two examples: one example uses Bootstrap and another example uses Ionic, both based on AngularJS.

To create an app from an example, click Create new app > From example and choose the example you want from the list of available examples.

Ionic page

Ionic page

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Get Your Mobile Development Questions Answered – Office Hours

View this recording to get your mobile development questions answered. We held our first Office Hours session where developers asked questions and we answered them in real time.

Want to learn more? Check out our YouTube channel for many more videos on mobile development.

Create Server Code Script to Invoke a REST API in 5 Minutes

This video shows how to invoke a REST API from the Server Code script. There are a number of benefits to invoke a REST API from the server instead of directly from the client:

  1. JavaScript is the language used to write the script
  2. Additional business logic can be added around the API. For example, in addition to sending an SMS, you can also send an email (SendGrid API)
  3. The API keys and tokens are secure
  4. Script is exposed via REST API (to be invoked from the app)
  5. Script has API to access Database, Push
  6. A script can be saved as a library and used in other scripts
  7. Script changes can be made without updating the client (app)

Why Do HTML5 Mobile Apps Have a Bad Reputation?

A great post by Josh Morony (site, Twitter) on why HTML5 mobile apps get bad reputation. The truth is HTML5 is great for mobile apps, make sure to read the article.

Try New Mobile App Example: Clickable List (Master-detail)

A list is presumably one of the most common UI components used in mobile apps today. Many apps show you a list of items, you click on a particular item and navigate to the details page. In the developer world this example is usually called master-detail. Not surprisingly many developers are building their apps with a clickable list feature. Creating a clickable list is simple but to make it even simpler, we published an example app. The example loads a list of items from a database. Once you click on an item, you navigate to a second page and the details for that item are displayed.

How to get this app? When you create a new app, open the From example tab and select the Clickable List Example:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.54.25 PM

Creating new app based example

Your new app now contains the sample app. As the app uses a database, there is a very minimal setup that you need to do. You need to create a sample database and set the database API key in the app. It’s 5 steps that you find here.

This is an example of the database:

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.21.26 PM

Sample database

This is how the app looks when running. The first page shows the list:

Item list

Item list

the second page shows the details:

Item details

Item details

it’s also very easy to learn how this app is built inside the App Builder:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.13.46 PM

Mapping data from local storage to page

Building an app with a clickable list is simple, but with the out-of-the-box example, it’s even simpler. Give it a try!

Got Questions on Building Mobile Apps? Come to Office Hours


Next week (Wed, Jun 24, 2015 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT) we are going to hold our first Office Hours where you will be able to ask any questions about platform. Register to reserve your space now!

Building a Barcode Scanner App with Backend Services

This video shows how to build a barcode scanner and covers:

  • Using the barcode scanner
  • Using cloud database to store and search for scanned products
  • Using server script for:
    • Searching the database to find products that have low inventory
    • Sending a push message to notify of low inventory
    • Sending an email (SendGrid API) to notify of low inventory
  • Scheduling server script (job) to run periodically to check for low inventory and perform the actions above