How to Add In-App SMS to Your Mobile App with Twilio API

This short video shows how to add and configure the Twilio SMS plugin in You can quickly add in-app SMS capability to any app with this plugin and Twilio API.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the plugin documentation.

Video: Building Ionic App With Cloud Database just added support for Ionic Framework. In this short video you will learn how to build a simple Ionic app connected to a cloud database. This video shows:

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Building a Mobile App with PayPal Payments API with

This webinar shows how to build a mobile app with PayPal Payments API. The webinar covers:

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Tutorial: Create a Mobile App with Twilio SMS API lets you build powerful mobile apps in no time using intuitive visual tools. Using Twilio, you can easily integrate the Twilio API with’s cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated back-end services and get sending SMS fast

In this tutorial you are going to build a mobile web and hybrid mobile app that allows you to send SMS messages using the Twilio API. The app is going to have one page from which you can send the SMS message and will look like this:


Twilio SMS app with

Building an app in is no different than using any other tool. You are going to create a new app, design the UI, connect to the Twilio API, test and then deploy the app.

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Build a Mobile App with Geolocation and Google Maps in 5 Minutes

This video shows how to build a mobile app with Geolocation and display the location on Goole Maps in 5 minutes.

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Build a Mobile App with Barcode Scanner in 5 Minutes

This video shows how to build a mobile app with barcode scanner in 5 minutes using platform:

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Add Secure Payments to Your Mobile App With PayPal API

The ability to quickly add payments to a mobile app is frequently requested by users. The team is happy to announce an update to an existing PayPal plugin that lets you quickly and conveniently add secure payments into an app.

In addition, the updated tutorial will also show how to create a Server Code script to implement server side authentication which adds an extra layer of security as no sensitive data will be present in the app (client). The plugin implements the flow recommended by PayPal.

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How to Host Your HTML5 Mobile App

When you build HTML5 mobile app in you can instantly publish (host) the app to a URL. You get a couple of options here. First, out of the box you can publish your app to URL such as or you can also use a custom domain:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.46.36 PM hosting

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Bootstrap Week: Creating Responsive and Mobile Apps with AngularJS and Bootstrap, Fast

This webinar shows how to build Bootstrap app with AngularJS. This webinar was part of the AT&T Bootstrap Week.