Webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Integrated APIs and Rapid Mobile Development


Join Ryan Bagnulo from SOA Software and Max Katz from Appery.io to learn more about the integrated mobile development and API management offering.

As digital transformation initiatives are gaining momentum within enterprises, both business and technical stakeholders seem to be pulled in different directions on whether to adopt a “mobile first” strategy or an “API first” strategy. Today, the processes for managing APIs and building the apps that consume them are disjointed and siloed, introducing complexity and slowing innovation. SOA Software and Appery.io have joined hands to offer an end-to-end solution that provides an integrated experience that goes from exposing and managing APIs to building cross-platform mobile apps. The integrated platform delivers faster time-to-market and results in increased developer adoption.

You will learn

  • The real world challenges in getting started with an API journey in the enterprise
  • The obstacles in developing cross-platform Mobile Apps
  • The value of having an integrated API Management and Mobile development environment


Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 – 10 AM Pacific Time/1PM Eastern


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Video: Using PhoneGap APIs in Appery.io App

The video shows how to use PhoneGap API when building a mobile app in Appery.io. The video demonstrates the following APIs:

  • Beep (sound)
  • Notification
  • Geolocation
  • Barcode scanner
  • Camera
  • Accelerometer

Learn How to Debug Appery.io Mobile Apps [Video]

This video shows how to debug a mobile app created in Appery.io using Chrome browser Dev. Tools:

  • Using the Console tab for JavaScript errors, output messages and running simple JavaScript commands
  • Using the Network tab for service invocation
  • Inspecting local storage
  • Inspecting app code
  • Using built-in JavaScript debugger
  • Using Weinre remote debugger – to debug a native app installed on the device

Webinar: Learn How To Debug Mobile Apps Created in Appery.io

Debugging Best Practices with Appery.io

Wednesday, June 25, 11am Pacific Time

What you will learn
Learn How To Debug Mobile Apps Created in Appery.io

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Using Appery.io Backend Services to Build a To-do Mobile App [Webinar recording]

This video shows:

  • Using Appery.io visual UI builder to create app UI with HTML5/jQuery Mobile:
    • Page template with sliding Panel component
    • Tasks list page
    • New task page
    • Details task page
  • Creating cloud database for storing To-do items
  • Connecting pages to database via REST API services
  • Testing the app in the browser
  • Publishing the app to a custom URL
  • Packaging the app for Android

Learn How to Build HTML5/PhoneGap To-do App Using Appery.io Platform [Webinar]

Using Appery.io Backend Services to Build a To-do App

Thursday, May 29, 11am Pacific Time

What you will learn
Learn how to build a complete HTML5/PhoneGap mobile To-do app using the Appery.io platform

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