JBossWorld 08 Recap

I’m back from JBoss World. Here is a recap and some highlights.

JBoss RichFaces. Virtually everyone is already using or planning to use
RichFaces. That’s very good. Some folks even came to me and told me how
much they love the product! Exadel dVision. The dVision release was announced just before
JBoss World. It is a Web 2.0-based tool that makes collaborative access to vital collective intelligence from disparate enterprise data sources as easy as using the Web. Dan Tauber, our VP of Product Development
demoed the product for ISVs, SI, and potential customers in the finance and
pharmaceuticals segments, along with others… http://www.exadel.com/web/portal/dvision

Exadel Flamingo. Exadel Flamingo is a new product that was released during JBossWorld. Anyone who is using JBoss Seam today is using JSF/RichFaces for presentation. It just works; you don’t even have to think about it. Now, more and more companies are using Flex to build the UI. Because Flex is running inside a Flash virtual machine, it enables the delivery of a much richer application than the browser alone. What happens when you want to use Flex and Seam? Well, you end up writing custom code to integrate the two technologies. Flamingo glues Seam and Flex. The same way people use Seam and JSF, people can no use Seam and Flex.

However, what happens when you want to use Flex and Seam? Well, you end up writing custom code to integrate the two technologies. Flamingo, though, glues together Seam and Flex. Just as people have used Seam and JSF together easily before, they can now use Seam and Flex.

Exadel Flamingo information is here: http://flamingo.exadel.com

I also got a chance to meet James Ward, an evangelist from Adobe. He was very interested in Flamingo and we are going to see how we can work together.

Dmitry Setrakyan. I met an old friend from my days at UC Davis, we studied computer science together. I was surprised to see him. He was sent as a substitute speaker at the last moment for Gridgain. It was good to reconnect.

Food. They had great food.

Weather. Excellent weather

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