JSFDays*08, JBoss RichFaces sessions details

As I blogged here, I’m speaking JSFDays*08 conference in Vienna, March 12-14th. I want to give more details on my sessions.

Here are my sessions at JSFDays*08:

March 12, 14:00-14:45
Introduction to JBoss RichFaces

As the sessions are short, I’m will do a rather quick introduction to JBoss RichFaces, and then go straight into actual technical examples. In this session I will concentrate more on the a4j tag library from RichFaces. a4j: tag library gives you more of a foundation or core Ajax support where you decide how to submit an Ajax request to the server and what to update. This is also called page-wide Ajax support. I’ll show how to use tags such as a4j:support, a4j:commandButton, their attributes and more. Keep in mind, you won’t see any JavaScript here, it’s hidden from you by the rich components.

If time permits, I will show components from the rich: tag library.

March 12, 17:00-17:45
Advanced JBoss RichFaces

First, you don’t need to attend the first session in order to attend this one. In this session, I will concentrate more on the components from the rich: tag library. These are out-of-the-box rich JSF components that provide some very specific functionality. So, you don’t need to decide how to send an Ajax request and what to update. The component does everything for you. That’s called component-centric Ajax support.

Also, if you are using already using RichFaces, planning to use RichFaces to or just have general questions about Rich Internet Applications, just grab me at the conference, I will be glad to chat with you and answer any questions.

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