Practical RichFaces book


One more update on the book. Since I last blogged about the book, some changes happened. Originally the book was supposed to be available early September as firstPress book. Because I ended up with way more pages than a firstPress book can have (I guess it’s good), the book was “upgraded” to a standard Apress book. What this means is that a hard cover version will be published closer to December. Also, the name of the book has changed from Using RichFaces to Practical RichFaces. Now, the good news is that an ebook version will be available September 7th (still tentative, I might be a few days off). Basically this is a pre-production version of the book. Any one who purchases the ebook will get all the updates as they are being published. So, at the end, you still get a full book, just in PDF format.

Table of Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started with RichFaces
  3. RichFaces basic concepts
  4. More a4j: tags, concepts and features
  5. Input components
  6. Output components
  7. Data iteration components
  8. Selection components
  9. Menu components
  10. Tree and scrollable table components
  11. Skinnability (themes)

I’m going to JSFOne next week. I’m going to have a number of codes with me that will let you download the ebook for free. If you are the conference, come and talk to me, and I should be able to give you one.

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