Herbstcampus conference – summary

Herbscampus is over, it was a great conference. I had a full day session on RichFaces as well as three other talks (RichFaces, RIA tools: RichFaces, Flex, and JavaFX and using JSF and Flex components together). I’m planning to offer public RichFaces training in Europe soon. Drop me a note if you want to find out more.

When you go to a conference like this and talk to people, only then you start to realize how many companies in Europe are using JBoss products and of course RichFaces. I participated in a panel discussion named “Web 2.0 – Dead End” (funny name) with Ed Burns and Jens Schumann. We basically discussed the various Web 2.0 tools and platforms and where we are headed in the near future. We discussed many points that I cover in my talk RIA Tools: JSF/RichFaces, Flex and JavaFX.

Exadel Fiji was well accepted. People are starting to understand that you can only do so much with a browser, and if you need to display rich charts and graphs, then Flex is a better solution. With Fiji, you use JSF and Flex components together, while binding Flex components to standard JSF managed beans. Here is an article I wrote on Fiji.

I guess a little bit surprisingly, but there was quite of interest in JavaFX. No one is using JavaFX to build any applications yet (version 1.0 is not out yet, end of this year), but many people are patiently waiting to see what Sun will offer in this new RIA tool and platform.

Finally, one of the most exciting things is that I got a chance to meet James Gosling and even had lunch with him.

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