1-2 day RichFaces training idea

At Herbstcampus conference last month, I did a full-day, hands-on RichFaces training. It was very successful. In just one day we covered the most important RichFaces concepts and features. The session closely followed the beginning of my Practical RichFaces book.

After teaching RichFaces and JSF for a couple of years, and talking to people at various conferences, I have realized that many people are using RichFaces (and to some extent JSF) without really understanding the core features and concepts. Without this understanding, you won’t be able to fully utilize the framework. For example, many are still not clear how a4j:region tag is used. After some trial and error, almost everyone gets their application to work in some form eventually; however, they often still don’t understand why it works.

After doing the one day training in Nuremberg, I have realized that in just one day I can cover all the most important concepts and features and get an entire team up to speed with RichFaces (one more day can be added to cover more material). Spending just one day in real training makes a lot more sense than spending hours and hours searching for how a particular component or feature works. The training obviously costs money, but keep in mind that searching or trying to figure out how a component works has an opportunity cost. This sort of training will fill in many of the gaps. I’m sure you will say at least once, “I didn’t know that was possible with RichFaces!” or “I didn’t know I could do that!”.

Drop me a note (max at exadel dot com) if you are interested to talk about this type of training.

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