1-2 day RichFaces training outline

As a follow up to this blog entry 1-2 day RichFaces training idea, here is a general outline for 1-2 day RichFaces on-site training:

  1. We start by building a simply JSF applications. We take this applications and add various Ajax functionality such as sending an Ajax request and learning how to do partial page re rendering. This example while simple, will cover about 80% of the concepts behind RichFaces.
  2. RichFaces concepts
    1. Sending an Ajax request
    2. Deciding what to process
    3. Partial page re rendering
  3. a4j Components
    1. a4j:support
    2. a4j:commandLink and a4j:commandButton
    3. a4j:poll
    4. a4j:region
    5. a4j:include
    6. a4j:status
    7. a4j:ajaxListener
    8. a4j:jsFunction
    9. a4j:actionparam
    10. a4j:outputPanel
    11. a4j:log
    12. a4j:repeat
    13. a4j:keepAlive
    14. You will learn about the following attributes of the above components: eventsQeue, requestDelay, limitToList, renderRegionOnly, process, reRender, ajaxKeys, selfRendered, bypassUpdates, ignoreDupResponses, onsubmit, oncomplete, onbeforedomupdate
  4. RichFaces components (What is the difference between Ajax4jsf and RichFaces? )
    1. Cover various rich: components such as rich:modal, rich:suggestionbox, data iteration components, rich:inplaceInput, rich:messages(s) and many more. Keep in mind, once you know how to apply RichFaces concepts, you will know how to use any RichFaces component!
  5. Skins

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