JavaFX – Rich Internet Applications with Java

Tomorrow, December 4th, 2008 JavaFX 1.0 is going to be released. JavaFX is a new open source scripting language that runs inside the new, more lightweight, but still familiar, Java runtime environment.

I’m (mildly) excited. Excited – Java is a great technology for building web user interfaces, but it failed in a few areas in the past. Mildly – JavaFX was announced at JavaOne 2007 but only now we are getting version 1.0. JavaFX has a long way to go before companies are using it to build real world RIA applications. Today the choice is still Flex or Silverlight. However, I do believe with the 1.0 release, companies will start playing with it. Enterprise tools for building RIA applications is shaping to be something like this:

HTML/AJAX (pure browser)
Flash/Flex (browser + plug-in)
Silverlight (browser + plug-in)
JavaFX (browser + plug-in)

Exadel already offers some basic JavaFX tooling for enterprise applications. With Exadel Flamingo you can easily connect JavaFX with Seam or Spring back ends.

2 thoughts on “JavaFX – Rich Internet Applications with Java

  1. @SaaS: I agree, I think HTML5 has started to make big difference and will continue to make even bigger difference in 2011. When I posted this entry (in 2008), there was very little HTML5 at that point.

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