RIA framework for JavaFX

I’ve been looking at JavaFX for the past week. While the technology is very promising, I’m puzzled why there are many examples that just show balls, squares, and other shapes moving, dropping, fading, and so on? I would like to see an example of an enterprise-level application. I have spoken to people who shy away from Flex because they think Flash is still for animation. To deal with this, Adobe and its community have been doing a great job teaching people that Flex can be used to create rich enterprise applications. Unfortunately, it appears that Sun has decided to handicap JavaFX by promoting it on the animations/fun side first.

Back in May, Exadel released Exadel Flamingo – RIA tool set to glue JavaFX with Seam or Spring back end. You can see an example of Seam Hotel application with JavaFX UI here. Because the application was built in May, it was still based on interpreted version of JavaFX. Now with JavaFX 1.0 released, we are working on Flamingo version to work with latest JavaFX. Stay tuned.

Finally, it will be possible to use JSF and JavaFX on the same page and application just like today you can use JSF and Flex.

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