Running JavaFX applications in a browser

One of the promises of JavaFX is ability to run inside a web browser just like Flex applications run inside Flash player. Here is how to deploy and launch the application in a web browser. With JavaFX, the application is running inside Java virtual machine or maybe we can call it JavaFX player.

Using this example, to compile we typed:

javafxc Echo.fx

To run this application:

javafx Echo

If you look in directory in which you compiled, you should see similar output to this (only showing *.class files):


We need to archive all these files for deployment:

jar -cvf Echo.jar *.class

Finally, create HTML page:

        JavaFX Echo Application

JavaFX Echo Application

javafx( { archive: "Echo.jar", draggable: false, width: 350, height: 200, code: "Echo", name: "Echo" } );

The JavaScript file referenced will make sure you have the right Java runtime.



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