JSFDays 09 starts next week, my schedule

JSFDays starts next week in Vienna, Austria. In this post: RichFaces workshop and discount, session schedule.

If you are attending, come and introduce yourself.

RichFaces Workshop

1-Day JBoss RichFaces Workshop
April 3, 2009

If you want to learn RichFaces in just one day, this is the place.

This workshop will introduce you to RichFaces by covering the most
important features, concepts, and tags. We will start with concepts
(sending an AJAX request, partial page rendering, partial processing)
and then move on to the a4j: tag library, the rich: tag library, and
skins. Attendees will learn all the important concepts and features they
need to know to start developing with RichFaces. More info and an
outline .

Worskhop conference page.

Email us at jsfdays@exadel.com to receive a
34% discount for this workshop. (The conference fee is separate)

Exadel General Sessions

Building RIA Applications with JBoss RichFaces by me
April 1, 2009

JBoss RichFaces is a JSF component library that makes it simple to build
Rich Internet Applications with JSF and AJAX. RichFaces provides over a
100 out-of-the-box components with AJAX support and skins (themes) support.

The session demonstrates how next-generation Web applications can be
built with RichFaces and a Seam back-end. Examples using the a4j: and
rich: tag libraries will be shown as well as examples using different
component skins. Finally, examples using RichFaces with Flex and JavaFX
will be shown. More info.

Templating before and after JSF 2.0 by Pourya Harirbafan (Exadel)
April 1, 2009

Prior to JSF 2.0, templating was not defined in the JavaServer Faces
specification. In this session, we examine the templating that is now
part of the JSF 2.0 standard. More info.

Building RIA applications with JavaFX by me
April 2, 2009

JavaFX is a new open source scripting language that runs inside a
lightweight engine fully integrated with the familiar Java runtime
environment. When installed as a plug-in into a browser, the JavaFX
runtime allows a richer user experience far beyond what the browser
alone allows. JavaFX Script enables developers to quickly and easily
build Rich Internet Applications while utilizing the full power of Java.
This session will demonstrate exactly how next-generation Web
applications can be built with JavaFX. More info

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