JavaOne, JavaFX 1.2, JavaFX Studio plug-in for Eclipse, Flamingo

It’s going to be a busy week, lots of things happening.


I have one general session (on using JavaFX with Seam) and a number of lighting talks in JBoss and Sun booths. I will also be signing Practical RichFaces book at the JavaOne book store (you will get 20% discount). My complete schedule.

JavaFX 1.2

JavaFX 1.2 was released over the weekend. There is now official support for Linux. Here is a great post with all the details from Stephen Chin. Check out Dzone JavaFX Refcard also from Stephen.

JavaFX Studio plug-in for Eclipse

Exadel will be releasing it’s newest JavaFX Studio plug-in for Eclipse tomorrow. The plug-in comes with various wizards and features to help develope JavaFX applications. Read previous posts on the plug-in.


There is no easy way to connect JavaFX to back ends such as Seam or Spring. Flamingo is a RIA framework that easily connects JavaFX with Seam/Spring (and Flex with Seam/Spring). Flamingo has been available for about a year now. New version 1.8 will be released this week and it will be compatible with JavaFX 1.2 . Watch for an article on about using JavaFX with Seam with Flamingo.

Finally, if you are at JavaOne and want to chat about any of these, just drop me an email.

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