RichFaces 4, JSF 2

Last week I attended, presented and taught 1-day workshop at JSFdays conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference was great and I’m already looking forward to next year. What’s amazing, virtually everyone I spoke with was using or planning to use RichFaces. One of the most frequent questions I was asked is when RichFaces 4 will be available? Although, I’m not in position to confirm this, it’s safe to guess that 4.0 GA will be available sometime in mid-summer. The RichFaces team has been working on JSF 2 support in RichFaces for some time now. First, there is RichFaces 4 Alpha 1. The team is now working on Alpha 2 which is also going to be the last Alpha release. Second, there is now RichFaces 3.3.3 CR1 also with basic JSF 2 support (read more about this version here).

As you probably know, JSF 2 Ajax support is greatly inspired by RichFaces 3.x and more specifically the a4j:support tag. RichFaces 4 is not going to stop here, it’s going to add advanced features from version 3.x plus some new features on top of standard JSF 2 Ajax support. Here is RichFaces 4 road map by Jay Balunas which also contains a list of new and improved features in RichFaces 4.

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