Learn How to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps With Our 2016 Webinar Series

Appery.io is the best mobile app development platform out there. Get the most out of it with our webinars. We’ve put together six so far to kick off the new year. The first two cover the most used frameworks on the platform. The next webinar delves into our service for making enterprise assets like SQL databases into REST services. Our last three webinars cover different backend services we offer on the platform that you can use in your apps. Register now and get ready for mobile enlightenment.

 Webinar Schedule
Date Title
January 20, 2016 Getting Started with App Builder for Ionic/AngularJS Apps View Recording
February 3, 2016 Getting Started with App Builder for jQuery Mobile Apps View Recording
February 17, 2016 Getting Started with API Express for Easy Enterprise Integration View Recording
March 2, 2016 Getting Started Using Server Code for Server-side JavaScript in Your Apps No Recording Available
March 16, 2016 Getting Started Using Push for User Engagement in Your Apps View Recording
March 30, 2016 Getting Started Using the Appery.io Database in Your Apps View Recording

What time?
All webinars start at 11am US Pacific time.

How long?
30–40 minutes.

Where are recordings of previous webinars?
On this YouTube playlist.

How to Start Building jQuery Mobile Apps in Appery.io App Builder

This is the second webinar in our 2016 webinar series and introduces you to the App Builder and how to build apps with jQuery Mobile.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to create a new jQuery Mobile app.
  • Learn about various views inside the App Builder.
  • How to use Cordova Geolocation API to get current device location.
  • How to invoke Uber Product API from Server Code.
  • Integrate Uber API into the app.
  • How to test and share the app.

Check out this video now:

To learn more how to build apps fast, go to our YouTube channel.

Learn How to Create and Install Reusable Plugins to Simplify Mobile Development

In this webinar you will learn how to use plugins to make mobile app development faster.  The webinar covers:

  • Running and testing existing app that uses Server Code to invoke Uber Products API.
  • How to export the entire app as a plugin
  • How to select particular pages or services to export as a plugin
  • How to export the entire app as an app template plugin
  • How to manage existing plugins
  • How to import a plugin into your app
  • How to create a new app based on template plugin

We have many other videos on how to build apps fast on our YouTube channel.

Learn How to Expose a Relational (SQL) Database via REST APIs to Build a Mobile App

Quickly learn how to expose a relational database via REST APIs. In this video you will learn:

  • How to connect to an external SQL database
  • How to expose the database via REST APIs
  • How to test the REST APIs
  • How to create a custom service using the visual flow editor
  • How to generate APIs in the app

Liked this video? We have many other videos on how to build mobile apps fast on our YouTube channel.

How to Keep REST API Credentials Secure

If you are building mobile apps then you are connecting to some REST API. For example, if you want to resolve an address to a latitude/longitude information to display on a map, you might use the Google Geocoding API:

https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=San Francisco,CA&key=AIzaSyDvFMYGjeR02RH

If you are invoking the API from the client, then the API key also has to be present on the client. But, this is also the problem. It’s very easy to look at the app source in the browser and get access to the API key. If someone has access to your API key, they can send requests on your behalf (without you knowing), and use up your request quota. Even if you are building a hybrid app, it’s still the same problem. A hybrid app is HTML/JavaScript inside a native wrapper, it’s possible to download the app, un-package it and gain access to API keys or any sensitive information stored in the app. Even native apps are not immune to this. For example, an Android app is just a Java application and a Java application can be de-compiled to view the original source. The next image shows how to get access to an API key in the browser:

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.25.02 PM
Viewing app source in browser

A good solution is to never expose the API key (or any other sensitive data) on the client. How do you do that? You keep the API key and any other sensitive information on the server.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 3.54.57 PM
Appery.io Secure Proxy

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Instantly Expose Any Custom App Logic via REST API

How to Create a Mobile App with User Registration [Video]

User login and user registration are one of the most common features in a mobile app. With Appery.io Database built-in user management feature, adding a login and registration capability to an app is very fast and simple. We know that developers love examples and so we published an app example that shows how this functionality is created.

To create an app based on this example is even faster. When creating a new app switch to From example tab and select Login Registration Example. Then hit Create.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 3.01.08 PM

This example does require a very quick setup, you need to create a database where the users will be store. Head over to documentation for setup steps.

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Video: Create Responsive Mobile App with Bootstrap and AngularJS

This video shows how to create a responsive mobile app using Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks in Appery.io:

10 Reasons to Use Appery.io to Create Your Next Mobile App


Appery.io is the only cloud-based mobile platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services (MBaaS). With Appery.io, you can very quickly build responsive web/HTML5 apps and mobile apps, complete with UI and backend logic or data. Here are just 10 of the many  reasons why our customers use Appery.io for their mobile apps.

1. Develop in the cloud

Appery.io is cloud-based, which means there is nothing to download, install or maintain, plus you can develop from anywhere. Start building your app in a few minutes by focusing on your app, not the tooling. Because your projects are in the cloud, collaborate easily with team members while leveraging role-based permissions.

2. Build complete apps fast

Build your app fast using the visual drag and drop editor and seamless integration with backend services: database, push, and server code or any REST API. With the App Creator Express you can build a complete app with a database in minutes!

3. Build once, deploy to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and the Web

With the Appery.io cross-platform approach, reach ALL your target users quickly by deploying to all devices types from a single code base.

4. Deliver native experience

Deliver a native experience with access to native device APIs such as the camera, GPS, accelerometer and more with the popular PhoneGap framework included in every Appery.io app.

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Mobile App Development with Appery.io

Want to develop mobile apps, but don’t know how?

With the proliferation of mobile devices and increased demand for mobile apps in the enterprise, many developers have switched their interests to mobile development. Even those who are not familiar with the craft of mobile development have considered or tried to create a mobile app at some point. But to be perfectly honest, mobile development is challenging. If it was easy, everyone would be building apps and experienced developers wouldn’t enjoy such high demand. In reality, you need to have pretty strong background using technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build even the simplest mobile app. This is not even considering the various frameworks you would need to learn, on top of everything else. 

If you are not a traditional developer but want to a build a mobile app, you have to follow a challenging routine of learning endless set of information, libraries, frameworks and other tools. Of course, such an approach gives your more low-level control over your code, but the chance that you will lose interest before you build something is rather high.

The Appery.io approach

That’s where Appery.io comes to the rescue.  We’ve built a platform with visual app builder and a set of ready-to-use components, pre-installed themes and swatches and a convenient way to use REST services. This approach shortens the learning curve significantly and increases overall developer productivity. Here is how the Appery.io visual app builder looks:


Even though you have full access to the app source, we’re not showing it to you to demonstrate that the visual approach in Appery.io greatly simplifies mobile app development. By using intuitive drag and drop controls, you can place components on the page- be it a button, a list, or a Google Maps component. With the Properties panel (on the right) you can control component settings: its padding and margins, text values, size or whatever else.

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