1-day developer education event: AI & ML Developer Summit

IBM Developer SF is hosting a 1-day AI & ML Developer Summit with super awesome speakers. Check out the schedule and join us.



Ringing in 2017 With a Big Appery.io Platform Update

The Appery.io team just pushed a big platform update with exciting new features:

  • iOS 10 Support
  • Apache Cordova Upgrade
  • Automatically Sync Backend Services Changes with the App Builder
  • Organize with Folders Inside the App Builder
  • Backend Services APIs Are Now Placed in Folders for Easier Organization
  • Improved Media Manager
  • Improved Synchronization Between App and Server for Apps with Offline Support
  • New Page to Test API Express Services and Offline Support
  • New Auto-login with Offline Support
  • IPv6 Network Support
  • Improved Server Code on Demand Balancing
  • And More…

Read about this update on the Appery.io blog.

What’s New in Appery.io Platform?

Our March Appery.io platform update has a number of really nice new features and benefits. Learn more what’s new in this blog post. And also don’t forget to check out YouTube channel for new videos.


New Enterprise Components in API Express: Script and Server Code

The Script and Server Code components allow you to add custom logic when creating a service in API Express. The Script component allow you to write any custom logic with JavaScript. The Server Code component allows you to call any existing or new Server Code script, also written in JavaScript. Learn more.

New Push Notifications Features and Capabilities

Push Notifications has been upgraded to allow you to send custom Push Notifications messages. For example, you can add custom sound, custom icon and an a custom action when when a Push Notification message is received. Learn more.

Copy and Paste in the Visual App Builder for Faster Development

A long requested feature, it is now possible to copy-paste UI components inside the visual App Builder between pages and even different apps. Learn more.

New Ionic and Bootstrap Library Versions

The new Ionic and Bootstrap version libraries are better, more stable and have numerous bug fixes to make it even simpler and faster to build enterprise mobile apps. Learn more.

Happy app building!


Simplify Email In Your App with Mailgun API

Mailgun is email for developers. Mailgun has elegant REST API to send and receive emails from your mobile app. I know that many Appery.io developers send emails from their apps for registration, confirmation, and everything else. To make it simple to use the Mailgun API in an Appery.io, we have introduced a Mailgun plugin in Appery.io.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.17.03 PM
Mailgun sample app

The plugin has a sample app with one page that shows how to send an email using the API. You can use the sample app as a starting point or add the plugin to any existing app.  Let me show you how to configure and use the plugin.

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Get Started Quickly with New User Registration Example App for Bootstrap, Ionic with AngularJS

User login/registration is one of the most common features in a mobile app. With Appery.io Database’s built-in user management feature, adding a login and registration capability to an app is very fast and simple. We know that developers love examples and so we created a ready-to-run app available in the App Builder that shows how to do that. In fact, we created two examples: one example uses Bootstrap and another example uses Ionic, both based on AngularJS.

To create an app from an example, click Create new app > From example and choose the example you want from the list of available examples.

Ionic page
Ionic page

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Your Input for 2015 Mobile Audience Survey, Win Prizes


DZone is collecting input for its 2015 Guide to Mobile Development and would like your feedback.

Your survey answers will provide valuable insights for you and other members of the tech community, and it will help decision makers understand the preferences and challenges around modern mobile software development.

By completing this survey, not only will you receive the report when it is released, but you will also be entered to win an iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Microsoft Surface! Doing more of these surveys will increase your chances of winning too!

>> Start survey.

Building Responsive Mobile Apps with Bootstrap, AngularJS, and PhoneGap

Are you developing with responsive design in mind?

Responsive mobile apps are the new standard, but building them without understanding the proper tools can be daunting. To ensure you are up to the challenge, take a look at the following tools. Especially when used in conjunction with the new Appery.io Visual Builder, these tools can help you create some fantastically responsive mobile apps.



Twitter’s Bootstrap is the reigning king of responsive UI frameworks – you can easily go from desktop to tablet to smartphone, since Bootstrap adapts to the change in platforms and their screen sizes quickly and efficiently.

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Video Training Course: Learn How to Build HTML5 and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Check out new 12-video online training course on creating HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps in Appery.io. More videos are being recorded and added to this list.

Click PLAYLIST in upper left corner to see all videos.

Using Appery.io Backend Services to Build a To-do Mobile App [Webinar recording]

This video shows:

  • Using Appery.io visual UI builder to create app UI with HTML5/jQuery Mobile:
    • Page template with sliding Panel component
    • Tasks list page
    • New task page
    • Details task page
  • Creating cloud database for storing To-do items
  • Connecting pages to database via REST API services
  • Testing the app in the browser
  • Publishing the app to a custom URL
  • Packaging the app for Android

Appery.io Build Packages iOS, Android, And Now Windows Phone Mobile Apps In The Cloud

Appery.io Build allows to packaging apps for iOS, Android and now Windows Phone. Just click Export to see all the options.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.59.59 PM
Appery.io Build

You will get a binary app (hybrid) which can be installed on the device or published to the app stores. In addition, you can export the app source or just the HTML/JavaScript/CSS resources — if you are building a mobile web app.