Using Geolocation in a Mobile App: A Video Guide

Geolocation is one of the most widely used APIs in mobile apps today. From weather to Uber and Lyft, the device location is crucial information and many APIs use it to determine what services and products are available in a given location. When building a mobile app in, using the Geolocation API is simple.…More

How to Build and Test an Ionic SMS App

This video shows how to build and test an Ionic SMS app using Nexmo API. The video tutorial first shows how to create a backend to invoke Nexmo API. Then the Ionic app is created which uses the backend. The app is then tested in the browser and on the device using the Tester…More

Learn How to Connect Your App to an API Backend

This short video shows how to import backend services APIs into your app. services consist of a cloud database, Server Code for custom app logic, and API Express for enterprise integration and service orchestration. Our YouTube channel has many more short videos where you can learn how to build apps fast with

What is App Builder?

In three previous blog posts I told you about Server Code, Push Notifications and API Express. App Builder is another core component in the platform. The App Builder is where you build your app (the client side). The App Builder is where you design and build the app pages, drag and drop UI components,…More

How to Start Building Ionic Apps in App Builder

This is the first webinar in our 2016 webinar series and introduces you to the App Builder and how to build apps with Ionic/AngularJS. In this video you will learn: How to create a new Ionic app Learn about various views inside the App Builder for Ionic and AngularJS How to build an app connected…More