Build a Mobile App with Custom API Backend in 5 Minutes

This video shows how to create a mobile app connected to a custom API backend. The API is created using Server Code. The server code accepts a developer name, creates a greeting, time stamp and returns a response in JSON format. The script is tested and then a simple, yet real mobile app is built connected to the API, all under 5 minutes.

Watch another video in the 5-minute series: Build a Mobile App with Database in 5 Minutes. Webinar Series – Learn How to Build Hybrid Apps with APIs Fast


To start 2015, we did a 5-webinar series that covers all the platform features. Below you can find the recordings to the webinar

How to Build Mobile Apps Fast – Mobile Camp LA


I will be at Mobile Camp LA on Saturday to show how to build hybrid apps fast with If you are in the area, definitely check it out. The 1-day conference has a pretty awesome schedule.