Why Developer Advocates Should Try New Things

Developer Advocates at many organization can usually work on different things. One day they can build a demo application, help with support, improve the documentation, work on an SDK, work on a blog post or a tutorial, and host an event. I love this about Developer Advocacy – you usually have flexibility and freedom to…More

Video: How Would You Explain DevRel To Your Grandparents?

Someone asked me this question recently: How would you explain what you do to your grandparents? I thought this is a great question. It can also be rephrased as: How would you explain DevRel to your grandparents? You will find many definitions for Developer Relations. Some of them are long or even full articles. What…More

Learning About Developer Relations – All Blog Posts From 2020

Well, 2020 is coming to an end (I think we all want that). In this blog post I want to share all the blog posts I published about Developer Relations in 2020. I have been publishing a blog post every week. I shared about my experience in 2019: A year of blogging every week.More

How content creates content – virtual edition

Last year I published How content creates content blog post. It’s one of my favorite blog posts. It shows how one piece of content can produce more content. Since everyone shifted to running online events/meetups I wanted to update this blog post and also offer new content ideas for the virtual world. I know it’s not…More