Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse – go to member feature [in pictures]

Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse version 1.3.3 introduced a handy feature which lets you quickly navigate to any part of JavaFX script. It works like an Outline view in a popup. The feature is invoked when in JavaFX editor by pressing Ctrl-O.

Pressing Ctrl-O and navigating through the outline using up and down arrows:

Pressing Ctrl-O and typing the name of a variable:

Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse version 1.3.2 is now available

Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse version 1.3.2 is now available.

As always, let us know what features you would like to see added. You can post them on the forum or add directly to Jira.

Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse version 1.3.1

Today we released JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse version 1.3.1.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse Features

My article on Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse Features was reposted on Exadel blog. Since then we added JavaFX 1.3 support to our plug-in.

EclipseCon 2010 review

Exadel’s Donna Burke reviews EclipseCon 2010 conference in Santa Clara, CA

Exadel JavaFX plug-in on Eclipse Marketplace

Exadel JavaFX plug-in in now listed on Eclipse Market place.

Eclipse update site for Exadel JavaFX plug-in

We recently made Eclipse update site available for Exadel JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse. It’s now easier than ever to install the plug-in. Here is what you need to do.

Any questions or feature requests, please post them to the forum or Jira.

JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse version 1.2.3

We just released JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse version 1.2.3. This release comes with bug fixing and few minor features. That’s basically our plan for the near future, release often (2 weeks release cycle) with bug fixing and minor features. If there is anything you want us to add, please put it on the forum or project Jira.

JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse: suggest features, try nightly builds

With the launch of exadel.org, it’s now very easy to try nightly builds of JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse, and view and submit new bugs. Using Jira (or the forum), you can tell us what features you would like to see in JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse. Our plan is to have a very short release cycle, around 2 weeks. We will fix bugs and add a few minor features each release. Let us know what features you would like to see!

JBoss Tools 3.1 is now out

JBoss Tools team released JBoss Tools version 3.1 this week. It’s the best IDE for doing enterprise Java development with JSF, RichFaces, Seam, JPA, Hibernate more. You now get JSF2 as well as CDI support. You may or may not have known but over 50% of code in JBoss Tools is being written by Exadel team. I want to thank them for doing an amazing job! It’s an excellent set of tools that really makes enterprise Java development much easier.