The Making of a Manager: updated book review and quotes

Last year I read The Making of a Manager book by Julie Zhou. It is such a great book I read it again this year. Below is a short review and some quotes the inspired me. I also added a few more quotes that I found inspiring during my second read. I recommend this book…More

The app I’m using for my to do list

(drum roll) It’s the native Apple Notes app. I know, perhaps it sounds boring but let me explain. Like many people out there I have tried many different to do apps. This is just a short list. I tried, TickTock, Google Keep, Trello, WorkFlowy, Notion, Taskade, Todoist and probably a dozen others. I always…More

Why developers have influence today?

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m in Developer Advocacy/Relations space. Most people look at me confused and say: what? Even folks who are in a software space usually don’t know what this role is. To help better understand what we do I tell them that we work with developers where…More

A year of blogging every week

Last January I set a goal for myself to publish a blog post every week that offer some value, even if small (I actually started in February 2019). I couldn’t miss even a single week, no excuses. I had to publish something. Now, not every blog post was a long-form, in fact most blog posts…More

How many developers did we help?

Measuring success in Developer Relations is always one of the most interesting questions or challenges. Every organization does it differently – from measuring how many stickers were handed out, how many Twitter followers one has, to how many people attended a conference talk, to how many API calls were made. There are many more things…More

Make developers awesome

Last September I was in a meeting with Burr Sutter. Burr runs Global Developer Advocacy at Red Hat. We were talking about Developer Advocacy and I remember Burr saying something along these lines: Our job is to make developers awesome I right away thought about this image: I think the first time I saw this…More

Developers don’t hate marketing

A few weeks ago I attended Evans Data Developer Marketing Summit. During a panel one person said: “Developers hate marketing” I don’t agree with that. I think developers don’t like bad marketing. People in general don’t like bad marketing so I don’t think developers are any special here. When someone says “developers hate marketing”, I…More