What I Learned Attending a Serverless Conference

Four weeks ago (this week) I attended the Serverlessconf in San Francisco. The following are my notes, observations, opinions and pictures from the conference (in no particular order). Serverless Awesome 😎 Serverless is awesome because: Build apps faster Development focused Serverless architecture offers the most productivity and agility Never think about servers Never think about…More

My Notes from Developer Relations Conference

March 26-27 I attended a Developer Relations conference hosted by Evans Data in Palo Alto, CA. I was a good conference, with great content and speakers. The conference probably had about 100-150 people which I really liked. These are my notes from sessions and keynotes I attended. Again, these are my notes and what I…More

Exposing a SQL Database via REST APIs: A Video Guide for Developers

Many organizations that are building mobile apps need to connect and reuse existing (internal) systems. One of the most common system is a relational (SQL) database. The question is — how to a relational database from a mobile app. I have prepared two short videos that will show you how to do that using Appery.io API Express.…More

Ringing in 2017 With a Big Appery.io Platform Update

The Appery.io team just pushed a big platform update with exciting new features: iOS 10 Support Apache Cordova Upgrade Automatically Sync Backend Services Changes with the App Builder Organize with Folders Inside the App Builder Backend Services APIs Are Now Placed in Folders for Easier Organization Improved Media Manager Improved Synchronization Between App and Server…More

What is Appery.io Tester App?

The Appery.io Tester app is a core component in the Appery.io platform and makes it simple and fast to test your hybrid app without installing it on the device. The app is available for iOS and Android. When you are creating a hybrid mobile app you need to test the app on the actual device.…More

How to Expose a WSDL Service (SOAP) as REST API

Appery.io API Express make it fast and simple to connect to an enterprise data source and expose it via a REST API. With API Express you can quickly create an API for: Relational database. WSDL service (SOAP). REST API. Connecting to an existing REST API allows you to apply logic to the response. For example,…More