Online JSF training

While I have been writing more about JavaFX, I haven’t forgotten about JSF. In fact, we are about to release the next version of Exadel’s online JSF training. It’s self-paced (finish in 3 days or 3 weeks), online JSF training with about 24 different topics that cover all the JSF features. Each topic comes with…More ended up on Time’s 5 Worst Web Sites. I worked for as a Java Engineer in San Francisco right after college in 2000. It was a great place to work, great people. It had a feeling of a real San Francisco “startup” back then. Anything I built back then has long been retired…More

Can Java be used to build Rich Internet Applications?

I read an article that I found on James Weaver’s JavaFX Blog, it’s an interview with James Gosling. If you scroll towards the middle of the article, you will see this question: “As organizations think about building rich Internet applications or rich client applications, when should developers look at JavaFX over competing technologies?” I think…More

Real JavaFX application (example)

Check out this cool JavaFX example application. This goes far beyond the standard Hello World applications and shows what you can do with JavaFX. This could easily be mistaken for a Flash application – don’t you think?More

Just one prediction for next year: JavaFX

As we are closing this year, people tend to write predications for the next year. Usually you see something like “Top 10 predications for next year”. I will offer you just one prediction. My predication is that JavaFX will start to emerge as a technology for building Rich Internet Applications. JavaFX Script is a declarative…More

AT&T Wireless

I recently got a new BlackBerry Pearl with service from AT&T. As I was driving to South Lake Tahoe last Saturday morning I was on the phone with my wife. As I was passing a large AT&T Wireless billboard, the call was dropped. I thought it was funny that a call would be dropped right…More

I'm going there tomorrow

The picture was taken in 2003, but Heavenly got a few snow storms in the past two weeks so skiing should be excellent.More

Using rich:orderingList and rich:listShuttle components

rich:orderingList lets you arrange values by moving them up or down. It’s based on a data table component, so you can put any object inside with any number of “columns” or attributes shown. Code: <rich:orderingList value=”#{carsBean.allCars}” var=”car” converter=”carConverter”> <rich:column> <h:facet name=”header”>Make</f:facet> <h:outputText value=”#{car.make}”/> </rich:column> <rich:column> <f:facet name=”header”>Model</f:facet> <h:outputText value=”#{car.model}”/> </rich:column> </rich:orderingList> The other component is…More

New JSF UI component library from Mojjara (JSF RI) sandbox

Mojjara Scales is a new JSF component library released out of Mojarra (JSF RI) sandbox. Mojarra is a new name for JSF RI implementation. According to the project page, most components wrap Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) JavaScript widgets while documentation is still missing in action.More