Using JBoss Tools 2.0

If you are looking for the same basic JSF/RichFaces tools and features that you had in Exadel Studio Pro, but would like to use Eclipse 3.3 and the better and stable JBoss Tools 2.0, here is how to do it: Download Web Tools Platform All-In-One Packages 2.0.1 Download JBoss Tools 2.0 (all plug-ins) Unzip both…More

Exadel Studio Pro reborn in JBoss Developer Studio 1.0

This week RedHat/JBoss released JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 (or JBDS). The product is loaded with features, you can read more here . A big part of the functionality is coming from Exadel Studio Pro, more specifically JSF/RichFaces tools. You can still download an older version of Exadel Studio Pro for Eclipse 3.2.2, but of course…More

Business Applications using JBoss RichFaces – Webinar, Dec 18th

Another webinar is coming up on December 18th – Business Applications using JBoss RichFaces. I’ll start the webinar by introducing RichFaces and showing some of the rich components in a sample application. In the second half, Dan Tauber, our Director of Product Development will showcase a real business application that uses RichFaces. The application is…More

JSF RI == Project Mojarra

JSF RI implementation which I use in all my trainings has a new name. Now it’s called Project Majarra. I guess JSF RI wasn’t cool enough. You can find more information here. I guess the only question is how do you pronounce it..?More

United 1K = many JSF/RichFaces trainings

With so many JSF/RichFaces trainings this year, I achieved 1K status with United Airlines which means I flew more than 100,000 miles. Few vacations are also included in those miles. This shows that more and more companies today are using JSF and RichFaces to build next generation web applications. If you want to pick a…More

Back from EclipseWorld

I’m back from EclipseWorld, I went to do a JSF/RichFaces training in Arizona straight after the show. The show was held in Reston, VA – a very nice little town. The hotel the conference was held in – Hyatt Reston was also very nice. I had to two sessions about building Rich Internet Applications with…More

Companies using JSF

When I do JSF trainings or talk at a various conferences people usually ask me what companies use JSF? My answer is always.. well.. a lot of JSF applications are deployed within the company which you can’t really see. The good news is that now there is a list that shows who is using JSF.…More

Leaving to EclipseWorld in Reston, VA

I’m off to EclipseWorld in Reston, VA tomorrow. I’m teaching two class, Developing Rich Internet Applications With JSF and AJAX and Using Eclipse to Build Web 2.0 Applications With JSF, Seam and AJAX . If you are using or planning to use JavaServer Faces to build Web UI’s, those sessions will show you to use…More

OpenSourceLive JSF and RichFaces training in Portland

I’m teaching a 3-day public JSF and JBoss RichFaces training in Portland, November 16-18th. It’s an excellent opportunity to quickly upgrade your skills and start using JSF and RichFaces to build Rich Internet Applications. There is a second track that is taught by Sang Shin and will cover topics such as Hibernate and Spring. For…More