Building Mobile Apps In The Cloud at GigaOM Mobilize

Next Tuesday, September 27, I will be presenting Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder at GigaOM Mobilize event in San Francisco. The session has a workshop format so I will build a real mobile app during the session – an app that everyone in the room can try as I build it.

The workshop starts at 12:45pm (Tuesday, Sept. 27).

Building Mobile Apps in the Cloud
Exadel’s Tiggr is a Cloud-based development platform for building mobile Web and native apps that uses PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile.In this workshop, you will see how to build and test cross-platform, cross device mobile Web apps consuming Cloud and Web services using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript using a drag-and-drop visual editor.

JSONP support added to Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder

To make simple to invoke cross-domain REST services, JSONP support was added to Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder. Read more or sign up to try it.

Building Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile – JavaLobby Q&A

Read my Q&A with James Sugrue from JavaLobby on how to build mobile apps in the cloud with jQuery Mobile components (in 5 steps).

Vidoes: Twitter Search and Weather Search mobile apps built in Tiggr Mobile App Builder

Check out these cool videos that show you how to build Twitter Search and Weather Search with Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder. If you want to try it, sign up for Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder beta program at Then try the two Getting Started Guides available: Twitter Search and Weather Search.

Building Twitter Search App:

Building Weather Search App, Part 1/2:

Building Wether App Search, Part 2/2:

Slides: RichFaces 4 presentation at JAX/JSF Summit

RichFaces 4 presentation at JAX/JSF Summit, San Jose, CA, June 21, 2011.

Try this interactive HTML prototype created in Tiggr

Check out this interactive prototype. It was complety created in Tiggr using the new events/actions feature.

Every time a new wonder is selected, a different image is shown. On click event, the image src attribute is updated with a new image. When you click Find Out where?, a pop-up opens showing the location of the wonder. Every time a new wonder is selected, a custom location JavaScript variable is set. Inside the pop-up, component which display the location is bound to this variable. Pretty cool, huh?

Create your first interactive prototype in Tiggr.

Presenting RichFaces 4, and mobile development choices at JAX 2011

In two weeks I will be at JAX 2011 in Mainz, Germany talking about the newRichFaces 4 and mobile development choices (Native Apps vs. Web Apps).

May 4, 17:30 – 18:30
Mobile Development Choices: Native Apps vs Web Apps

May 5, 10:15 – 11:15
Ajax Applications with JSF 2 and the New RichFaces 4

Say hello if you are there!

JavaFX 2.0 – no Mac or Linux support?

In early February JavaFX 2.0 preview was released to partners and beta testers. A number of articles and blogs appeared demonstrating the new JavaFX 2.0 API (here, here and here). In general the feedback was very good and everyone is impressed with JavaFX 2.0. I think everyone likes that idea that plain Java again is used to build the UI.

Something that no one has mentioned and surprises me very much is that JavaFX 2.0 will only be supported on Windows, at least at first, according to this interview with Richard Bair, the architect for client software at Oracle. This basically means that you most likely can’t develop or run a JavaFX application on either Mac or Linux. I think it’s a huge problem and will make JavaFX adoption extremely challenging (again).

Slides: Ajax Applications with JSF 2 and new RichFaces 4 at TheServerSide Java Symposium

Slides from RichFaces 4 session at TheServer Side Java Symposium conference in Las Vegas, March 16-18.

My reply to "Top 10 reasons why I don’t like JSF"

Bruno Borges posted Top 10 reasons why I don’t like JSF. Below you will find my replies to his points. A few weeks earlier, I also posted: JVM Web Frameworks Comparison – reply to JSF scoring.

1. Extra step when defining a project’s architecture
People insist on comparing JSF with other frameworks. They should stop doing that. You can compare MyFaces to RichFaces to Tapestry to Vaadin to GWT.

This is true. It makes more sense to compare JSF component frameworks such as RichFaces against other frameworks. And because the component libraries are all based on JSF, you will also be comparing JSF. However, I’m guessing most people already do that, they compare JSF+framework vs framework XYZ.
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