No-Code Screenshot: Get Notified via SMS

The screenshot below shows how to get notified via an SMS when a particular event occurs. For example, this automation can be used to notify when a user in an organization is provisioned (or de-provisioned). Any time you need to be notified via SMS this automation can be used. This particular flow is a sub-flow…More

Flowgraphic: Get Notified in Slack When a User Is Suspended

This automation flow sends a message to a Slack channel when a user get suspended in your Okta organization. The automation consists of the following cards (steps): The flow is triggered when a user is suspended in Okta (User Suspended card). Compose card creates a text message using data mapped from User Suspended card. Message…More

6 Online Developer Meetup Replays You Should Watch From August 2021

IBM Developer hosts weekly online developer education meetups covering open source, JavaScript, AI, Data Science, Containers, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Serverless, Knative and other technology topics. Check out event replays from December. Follow our Crowdcast channel to be notified when events go live.More