Presenting at TheServerSide Java Symposium: TheClientSide


I will be presenting two sessions at TheServerSide Java Symposium: TheClientSide conference in Las Vegas, March 17-19th in Ceasers Palace hotel.

Ajax Applications with RichFaces and JSF 2.0
Rich Enterprise Applications with JavaFX

Exadel blog: JavaFX Messaging for Exadel Flamingo

To some, RIA (Rich In­ternet Ap­pli­ca­tions) is a myth, a tale of the past. People still have a hard time defining what it means ex­actly. What is true, though, is that an ex­plo­sive growth in client-​​side pre­sen­ta­tion tech­nolo­gies (Flash/​Flex, Sil­verlight, JavaFX) brought to life a new user ex­pe­ri­ence on a wide va­riety of com­puting de­vices.

Read more at Exadel blog ».

Standard control skinning – RichFaces webinar example

If you attended the webinar, you probably saw that skinning a standard button example wasn’t working (I used the internal browser in Eclipse). I ran the application in external browser (Firefox) and it worked fine.

So, adding the following to web.xml:


will skin all standard and HTML controls on a page. I will add a link to the recording when it becomes available.

Webinar recording

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JavaFX and Seam with Flamingo – Dzone article, part 1

This is a two part article that will demonstrate how to use JavaFX and Seam with the Flamingo RIA framework. Part 2, tutorial will be published next week.

If you are learning JavaFX, check out our Eclipse plug-in for JavaFX.

What features you want in JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse?

Yesterday we launched a discussion group for Exadel JavaFX Studio — plug-in for Eclipse. We want to hear from you, the community what features you want to see in the plug-in. We are planning to release a version for JavaOne.

Let us know what feature you want here.

RichFaces CDK in geo-faces — add OpenLayers map into your JSF application

Geo-faces is a set of JSF components that you can use to add an OpenLayers map into an existing JSF application taking a server-centric approach. It is built using the RichFaces CDK.

Speaking at Silicon Valley Web JUG – March 17th

I will be speaking at Silicon Valley Web JUG next Tuesday, March 17th. More details here. One lucky attendee will get a free copy of Practical RichFaces book.

Submitting on enter

A common question I’m asked is how to submit a form on pressing enter. Here is how to do it using rich:hotKey component.


If you want to submit only while the focus is inside the input field, then the following will work: