9 No-Code Videos You Should Watch

I’m very passionate about the no-code space. I have been recording videos on how to build small applications using no-code tools and services. In particular, I like to find applications built with code and then rebuild them using no-code. Below is a YouTube playlist that shows how to build these no-code solutions. The videos are…More

32 online meetup replays you should watch from October 2020

IBM Developer hosts weekly online developer education meetups covering open source, JavaScript, AI, Data Science, Containers, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Serverless, Knative and other technology topics. Register and follow our Crowdcast channel to be notified when events go live. In this blog post you will find all online meetup we hosted in October 2020. Many…More

The Making of a Manager: updated book review and quotes

Last year I read The Making of a Manager book by Julie Zhou. It is such a great book I read it again this year. Below is a short review and some quotes the inspired me. I also added a few more quotes that I found inspiring during my second read. I recommend this book…More

How to create a video chat room with one API call using Daily.co

Daily.co is a service that allows developers to add video chat to an application or a web site quickly. There are many uses cases for Daily service. For example, you are building a customer service application and would like to add a built-in video feature. Another use case is for telemedicine type applications such as…More

Cloud Native Developer Summit video replay

Julia Nash and Upkar Lidder from IBM Developer hosted a half-day Cloud Native Developer Summit on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. In case you missed the live event you can watch a replay of the entire summit (event agenda is right after the image).More

Get started with microservices, a 6-part online education series

IBM Developer Advocate Pooja Mistry is hosting a 6-part online series on microservices. If you are new to microservices or have been using microservices for some time – you will get high-quality developer education. Register for all six session below. The replay of each session will be available at the same link. In this tech…More