More content ideas: event series, Q&A and short videos

Coming with content ideas is not easy. I have previously shared interesting content ideas you can try: What can you do besides online events? Borrowing brilliance, or one quick way to come up with content ideas A year of blogging every week Interesting content ideas you may consider In this blog post I want to share a few additional…More

19 online meetup recordings you should watch from April 2020

IBM Developer team hosts weekly online meetups on various topics. Online events are one of the best ways to scale your Developer Relations program and reach developers anywhere, anytime and for a long time after the event. 🎟 Register for our upcoming events. Interactive Lab: Building Blockchain Applications with JavaScriptWatch the recording How to Build…More

Developer Relations: online events and content series

If you are in Developer Relations space: online events and content scale, travel doesn’t scale. The following are of articles to help you scale: run online events and write content. How to scale Developer Relations with online meetups Some advice on running online meetups What can you do besides online events? A year of blogging…More