How to scale Developer Relations with online meetups

Online meetups (webinars, web conferences or webcasts) is one of the best ways to scale Developer Relations. In most companies Developer Relations teams are small, probably under ten people. Even if we look at some of the big companies with hundreds of people in Developer Relations organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, AWS and some…More

Get started with deep learning, a 5-part online master class

Machine Learning Engineer Lavanya and IBM Developer Advocate Upkar Lidder joined together to host a 5-part educational online series on deep learning. Some of the sessions already happened but no worries as you can watch the recordings (links below). This series takes engineers from zero to expert in machine learning in 5 sessions. The world…More

Streaming/Live Coding for Developer Relations – DevRel meetup recap

This week I attended the SF Developer Relations meetup where the topic was Streaming/Live Coding for Developer Relations. This blog post is a short recap, notes and pictures from the event. Thank you to Courier for proving space, food, drinks and Nicolas Greni√© for organizing the event. The meetup started with Nicki Stone, Technical Evangelist…More

Measuring success in Developer Relations, a 3-part framework

How to measure success in Developer Relations is one of the most discussed (or debated) topics. Having been in Developer Relations for a good number of years I believe it’s important we measure it. Without measuring we don’t know what to improve, what works and what doesn’t work. Now, I don’t believe there is one…More

My podcast about DevRel with Under the Hood of Developer Marketing

Check out my podcast about Developer Relations with Under the Hood of Developer Marketing where we chat about: Moving from a startup to one of the biggest companies in the world What I have been doing before joining IBM Do you need to be a developer to be effective in DevRel? How to measure success…More

Learning about Developer Relations: articles from past year

I learned a lot about Developer Relations in 2019 and in the process I have been sharing my experience here. The following is a collection of articles I published in the past year. I hope some of the content is valuable and helps you build and grow your program. I of course continue to learn.…More

How to measure Developer Relations – DevRel meetup recap

This week I attend the first DevRel San Francisco meetup in 2020: How to Measure Developer Relations with Amir Shevat. This blog post is a short recap, notes and pictures from the event. The topic of the event was how to measure success in Developer Relations. Amir is a great speaker and used examples from…More

Why developers have influence today?

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m in Developer Advocacy/Relations space. Most people look at me confused and say: what? Even folks who are in a software space usually don’t know what this role is. To help better understand what we do I tell them that we work with developers where…More