A year of blogging every week

Last January I set a goal for myself to publish a blog post every week that offer some value, even if small (I actually started in February 2019). I couldn’t miss even a single week, no excuses. I had to publish something. Now, not every blog post was a long-form, in fact most blog posts…More

How many developers did we help?

Measuring success in Developer Relations is always one of the most interesting questions or challenges. Every organization does it differently – from measuring how many stickers were handed out, how many Twitter followers one has, to how many people attended a conference talk, to how many API calls were made. There are many more things…More

No Code/Visual Development links – November 26, 2019

News 📖 Microsoft wants anyone to be a developer, whether they code or not – Microsoft shares plans to make anyone a builder and creator 📖 ‘Low-Code’ Becomes High Priority as Automation Demands Soar – CIOs are embracing the use of No Code and Low Code tools to allow noncoders to build applications 📖 Low-Code…More

No Code Conf recap

I attended the No Code Conf in San Francisco on November 13, 2019. This blog post is my conference recap. I also added some opinion and history of No Code space. Main theme The main theme of the conference (in my opinion) was: the are millions of people who want to create and build solutions…More

Make developers awesome

Last September I was in a meeting with Burr Sutter. Burr runs Global Developer Advocacy at Red Hat. We were talking about Developer Advocacy and I remember Burr saying something along these lines: Our job is to make developers awesome I right away thought about this image: I think the first time I saw this…More