Webinar Recording: Offline, LDAP, New Ionic Components, Angular Scope Editor, Share Your App and More

This is a What’s New in Appery.io webinar and covers:

  • Offline support for Appery.io Database using Ionic app as example
  • LDAP and Appery.io Database support for authentication in API Express
  • New Ionic and Bootstrap UI components
  • Updated Angular scope editor
  • Share your app with anyone via Appery.io Tester App (even without Appery.io account)
  • And more

API Strategy and Practice: Tiggzi, ESPN API, Mashery


Tomorrow and Friday I will be at API Strategy and Practice conference in New York City.  I’ll be talking about Tiggzi Platform, APIs and API plug-ins. I will be using ESPN API (Mashery) to show how fast you can build a mobile app in the cloud.

Creating jQuery Mobile App with Wordnik API [Tutorial]

Learn how to create a jQuery Mobile app with Wordnik API using Tiggzi Platform.

Tiggzi Platform Mobile Backend Services [Webinar]


Tiggzi isn’t just a mobile app builder. As a mobile app platform, it also provides a growing list of back-end services (like a database service) for seamless integration into the apps. Just us for this hands-on demo and overview of the currently available back-end services and the road map for the future. There will be plenty of time set aside at the end for Q&A.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Tiggzi Platform New Features: Source View, jQuery Mobile Themes, Android Permissions, New Data Types in Database

We just added some really cool features to Tiggzi Platform. Check them out!

New Source view

As we continue to make Tiggzi Platform enterprise-level, just just added a Source view where you can see and open the actual files behind your app. Right now the files are opened as read-only but we are working on allowing you to modify them as well.


jQuery Mobile themes

We got all our custom themes back and you can also create new themes using the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller tool. Simply create your theme in the tool, download and then upload to Tiggzi. It’s that simple.


jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller site:


Once you create a new theme, select Create New > Theme and upload the theme you created.

Android permissions

You have been asking for this feature and now it’s here. Customize the permissions for your app before building a binary.


Binary build errors log

You no longer need to email support to find out why the binary build failed. You can now view the error and try to fix it:


New UI components

We added two new jQuery Mobile components, Grouped Buttons and Collapsible Set:


Pointer and Array types in database

On the Backend Services side, we added two new data types to the database: Array and Pointer:


New tutorials and getting help

Don’t forget to check our new tutorials and as always, if you have any questions let us know via email, forum or @tiggziapps.


Adding AT&T In App Messaging Plug-in To Your Mobile App

AT&T recently launched new In App Messaging API. The API makes it very easy to send SMS message from your mobile app, using your own number. Another great feature is that now you can send a message to any mobile number, regardless of carrier.

To make it as easy as possible to use this API, we added a plug-in to Tiggzi Platform. The plug-in has all the API pre-configured and comes with a sample app. If you don’t have one yet, sign up for ATT Developer account.

  1. Go to http://developer.att.com and sign up
  2. Register a new app. When you enter app details, check In App Messaging from Mobile Number (Beta).
  3. Once the app is created, you will see this:
    You will need to use the App Key and Secret values when we import the plug-in.

We’ll come back to this page a little bit later to set the callback URL.

Let’s go to Tiggzi Platform.

  1. Create a new app in Tiggzi.
  2. From Project view, Create New > From Plug-in:
  3. Next, under Communication category, select ATT In App Messaging API and Sample App (you can also search for it).
  4. Click Import selected plug-ins button
  5. When the plug-in is imported you will see a new page as well as three services under Services folder. You can open the page ATT_Messaging page to see how the UI looks:
    The Sign In to AT&T button will only appear if you need to sign in into AT&T to authenticate. The area to send the message won’t be displayed. If you are authenticated, then only the section to send the message will be displayed.
  6. Delete startScreen page (created with the new project)
  7. Open ATT_Settings service and paste in the App Key and Secret values from the app configuration page:
  8. Just a few more steps before you can test the app. Open Test in the upper right corner and check Public and uncheck Show in mobile frame:
  9. Copy the URL shown, then go back to app settings on AT&T developer site and enter the OAuth Redirect URL (you might need to click to edit the app):
  10. That’s everything and test the app in desktop browser.

When you test the app in a desktop browser, to authenticate you will need to enter your mobile number to get a 4-digit code. When you test on the mobile device, you won’t need to do this. To test on the mobile device, email the link to the device or simply scan the QR code in Test window.


When you receive the text and click Allow, you will need to enter the number received:


Once you enter the number, you will be redirected to the app:


As you can see, it’s very simple to start using AT&T In App Messaging API in your app. If you have any questions, please post them on our forum or email us at support@tiggzi.com.

Final note, this plug-in only works when running the app in the browser. As the API requires oAuth 2 authentication, it won’t in a PhoneGap (hybrid) app. We will update the plug-in to work in a PhoneGap app as well.

New ESPN, Aetna and Best Buy API Plug-ins in Tiggzi Platform

We recently published three new API plug-ins in Tiggzi Platform that also include a ready-to-run sample apps. Follow the links to learn how to use and add plug-ins to your app.


Find the Sports News You Want with ESPN API Plug-in


Search, Review, and Compare Prices with Aetna GoodRx API and Sample App Tiggzi Plug-in


Get Access to the Entire Best Buy product catalog with New Tiggzi Plug-in and Sample App

Creating Windows 8 Apps with Tiggzi Platform [Webinar]

Join us for this quick review of how to build a Windows 8 app using the Tiggzi Platform, plus “office hours” to answer any questions you might have about Tiggzi.

When: Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/214517057

New Tutorials – Creating Mobile Apps with Tiggzi Backend Services