AT&T Wireless

I recently got a new BlackBerry Pearl with service from AT&T. As I was driving to South Lake Tahoe last Saturday morning I was on the phone with my wife. As I was passing a large AT&T Wireless billboard, the call was dropped. I thought it was funny that a call would be dropped right near the billboard that advertises the service.

How fast can you type on your BlackBerry?

Last night I had dinner with friends from college. We try to get together once every month or two. One of them got out his BlackBerry device and told us how he was typing an email at a stop light. The light turned green but he didn’t finish typing the email and finished it as he was driving (very dangerous). I said: “Why didn’t you just type faster..?”. When I was in high school (that’s only a little bit more than 10 years ago), I had a Computer Applications class. We learned to use Word Perfect 5.1 (no mouse, command mode), some other applications and, of course typing without looking at the keyboard. So, what’s the connection between my friend’s BlackBerry and typing class? With all the smart devices out there, maybe kids will be learning how to type on BlackBerry’s and Sidekick’s in a few years in high school. If before you could say I can type 80 words per minute, in the near future you can say I can type 10 emails before the light turns green. What do you think..?