Cloud Native Developer Summit video replay

Julia Nash and Upkar Lidder from IBM Developer hosted a half-day Cloud Native Developer Summit on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. In case you missed the live event you can watch a replay of the entire summit (event agenda is right after the image).

Watch replay:
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AI and ML Online Developer Summit (April 14, 2020)

I’m a big fan of online events as they allow you to scale. IBM Developer SF has been running online events for almost two years. Next week we are hosting our first online conference: AI & ML Online Developer Conference. We have five talks and a hands-on workshop.

Check out the full schedule and register at:

🗓 Schedule

🎈8:45am – Welcome

🌟 9:00am – Improve Communication Apps with Machine Learning! – Lizzie Siegle (Twilio)

🌟 9:20am – Explainability in neural networks – Lavanya Shukla (Weights & Biases)

🌟 9:40am – Hands-on workshop

🌟 10:10am – Testing Machine Learning Models in Production – Eric Schles

🌟 10:30 – Predict the Future with Watson Studio AutoAI – Jenna Ritten (IBM)

🌟 10:50 – Realtime Object Detection in the Browser with TensorFlow.js – Nicholas Bourdakos (IBM)

Check out the full schedule and register at:

No Code Conf recap

I attended the No Code Conf in San Francisco on November 13, 2019. This blog post is my conference recap. I also added some opinion and history of No Code space.

Main theme

The main theme of the conference (in my opinion) was: the are millions of people who want to create and build solutions but they don’t know how to code. No Code will allow these folks to build applications without code. No Code allows to focus on customer experience and value, not on servers. No Code is going to democratize software development.

I know this is a lot so let’s unpack this.

Democratize software development

Today there about 24-25 millions developers in the world which means only about 0.3% of people today know how to create software, invent new things.

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No Code Conf in 10 pictures

This week I attended No Code Conf in San Francisco. Here are some pictures from this great event.

You can build value today without knowing how to code

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Scaling Developer Relations with an online conference for developers

Scaling your Developer Relations program is a challenge faced by virtually all organizations. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup with 10 people or IBM – you still need to scale your efforts.

IBM probably has one of the biggest Developer Relations organizations in the world. Even with such size, Developer Advocates cannot be everywhere to host in-person workshops, meetups and attend conferences. You cannot scale with people.

Even if you could send a Developer Advocate to every meetup or conference, there are many more developers who don’t attend meetups or conferences. There are many reasons, maybe they leave in an area where there are no meetups or they don’t have conference travel budget. You need to reach these developers and also scale.

The way to scale a program is through content, online meetups (webinars), videos and online forums. I shared how to scale with online meetups and content before:

All these resources are available to anyone with an internet connection regardless of location and can be consumed any time of the day or night. In addition, all these digital resources can provide value for a long time, months or even years.

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Future Developer Summit in 10 pictures

On September 24-25 I attended the Future Developer Summit in Menlo Park, CA. It’s an event where about 60+ leaders discuss the future of developer marketing and developer relations. Here are pictures from the event. I created collages so you will see more than 10 pictures 😉

Willie Tejada from IBM shared that top-bottom approach is being replaced with bottom-up approach where management grants permission and developers make decisions

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Containers Developer Summit in 10 pictures

On Friday, September 27 IBM Developer SF hosted a 1-day Containers Developer Summit. We started with a hands-on workshop on how to build your first container-based application followed by talks from Alibaba, Kong, and IBM. Here are 10 pictures from the summit.

Dave Nugent is kicking off the summit

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Developer Marketing Summit in 10 pictures

This week I attended Data Evans Developer Marketing Summit. I was there for just half a day but still attended very interesting sessions and snapped some pictures that I want to share. I will share notes from the summit probably next week.

Janel Garvin opening keynote – showing the latest developer trends from Evans Data surveys

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Serverless Developer Summit in 10 pictures

IBM Developer SF hosted another full-day event: Serverless Developer Summit. Over 110 technologist spent a day learning about the Serverless ecosystem from 10 speakers from 10 companies.

We also tried something new at this summit (our two other summits are AI/ML summit and Blockchain summit). We hosted a hands-on workshop before the main talks. We created three self-paced serverless tutorials that people can complete in under 10 minutes. As people would come in, they would take a printed tutorial handout (two or all three of them) and go and code them. It’s a great way to get some hands-on training. We of course had Developer Advocates to answer any questions.

OK, the pictures.

Dave Nugent is starting the summit (top). Hands-on workshop before the main talks (bottom)

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1-day developer education event: Serverless Developer Summit

IBM Developer SF is hosting another 1-day developer education event: Serverless Developer Summit.  Check out the awesome speaker lineup below, learn about the talks and register for the summit.



We hosted two other 1-day events in May and June with huge success.  Check them out and pictures:

AI & ML Developer Summit (pictures)

Blockchain Developer Summit (pictures)