Exadel Tiggr: sharing feature [in pictures]

Another new feature in Tiggr is that now you can share the prototype (Web Preview version in browser) with your colleagues, friends, on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s take this prototype.

Sharing can be enabled from the main projects page by selecting Web Preview/Share in the project:

You will then see project sharing options:

There are two visibility levels right now right now:

  1. Share with everyone – anyone will be able to view the prototype in a web browser
  2. Only invited users – users will first need to login to Tiggr to view the prototype in a web browser

There are also two options as to what exactly to share:

  1. Share a URL – you can send it via email, share on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Embed HTML – embed a small image with project into any web page.

Link option: http://tiggr.exadel.com/tiggr/views/preview/3988/

Embedding option:

Use the orange arrow at the top to switch between screens.

Here is another example from this Eclipse Java Project prototype:
Link: View prototype

Exadel Tiggr: Web Preview feature [in pictures]

Starting with screen prototype, notice that we have two screens (list of invoices and invoice):

Now you would like to preview how this will look in web browser. From menu select Web Preview/Open:

Tiggr will generate HTML/JS/CSS and show you the result in a new browser window:

The orange arrow at the top allows you to switch between different screens:

List of invoices preview in a web browser:

Exadel Tiggr: enterprise application prototyping and wireframes now with Web Preview (HTML/JavaScript/CSS generation)

New version of Exadel Tiggr was released, now with Web Preview (formerly HTML Preview) and sharing features. Exadel Tiggr is web-based enterprise application prototyping tool with real wireframes. By real I mean not drawings or mockups. Using drawings is fine but it’s difficult to take them to the next level, in other words, to see how the actual page will look. With Tiggr, what you prototype, it’s pretty much what you will get when running in a web browser. With the new Web Preview and sharing this becomes even easier. We like to call it What You See Is What You Get Prototyping (WYSIWYG-Prototyping).

To start, I decided to use Eclipse’s new Java project wizard which should be familiar to many developers:

Let’s assume we are creating a web version of the new Java Project wizard. It doesn’t have to be web, Eclipse is fine but to show you the Web Preview and share feature, it’s easier when it’s web-based. I then opened Tiggr and wireframed the same view:

As you can see, this is not a drawing. It’s a wireframe that very closely looks like the real wizard in Eclipse. There is a lot more information for the person creating the screen than you could include in a drawing. But, that’s not it. We can now preview how this will look in a web browser.

The preview will generate HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the wireframe. If you have any drop down lists like we do with values, you can actually click on them and view the options available:

You are pretty much getting the same result that you would get when running the real application. And that’s one of the key benefits.

View the prototype

This is the actual prototype that I created and shared with everyone. I’ll cover sharing in tomorrow’s blog post.

If you have multiple screens, you get a control at the top of Web Preview page that allows you to switch between different screens:

JBoss Tools 3.1 is now out

JBoss Tools team released JBoss Tools version 3.1 this week. It’s the best IDE for doing enterprise Java development with JSF, RichFaces, Seam, JPA, Hibernate more. You now get JSF2 as well as CDI support. You may or may not have known but over 50% of code in JBoss Tools is being written by Exadel team. I want to thank them for doing an amazing job! It’s an excellent set of tools that really makes enterprise Java development much easier.

Exadel blog re-launched

I’m guessing not many knew that Exadel had a blog at http://blog.exadel.com. One reason is that we didn’t post anything new there for some time. I’m happy to announced that we have re-launched the blog. We will make sure to post important and interesting information a lot more frequently. Welcome back to the social web!

Visit Exadel blog.

Eskimo's notes (Denis Golovin blog)

Denis Golovin (Exadel) launched a new blog where he talks about Eclipse and other things. Denis is one of the most talented Eclipse engineers. He leads JBoss Tools/JBoss Developer Studio projects on the Exadel side.

Exadel E7 1.1.0 (beta) – bridge between Business Process Management and Enterprise Java

Exadel E7 1.1.0 (beta) has been released and can be downloaded here. E7 now comes with Drools support.

By leveraging BPM (Business Process Management) and connecting it to Java implementation and development, E7 bridges the gap between these processes in an automated manner.

Integration of best-in-class open source frameworks RIA (RichFaces, Flex, JavaFX), Seam, jBPM, JBoss ESB and Drools to create a comprehensive development platform.

  • Designed for flexibility, use only the frameworks you need. No lock-in. A la carte mingling based on your needs
  • Glues open source components together to enhance their capabilities and simplify development
  • Build, Deploy and Manage deployments using best-in-class Open Source Frameworks
  • Offers end-to-end service approach for application modeling, development, deployment and execution in a uniform way
  • Provides for agile, rapid application development for reduced Time to Market
  • Leverages RIA and web-based applications to enhance services consumption
  • Facilitates easy consumption of services

Recent webinar recordings: E7 Development Suite, RichFaces Webinar Series #1

RichFaces Webinar Series #1 – Starting with RichFaces
View webinar recording

Next webinar is April 21st, 2009, 2PM ET – More Features and Concepts

Easily Connect Business Processes with Rich Internet Applications & Services
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