Blog as the new resume?

I found this great blog posting with which I very much agree. I think blogging could become more important than your resume. Potential employers can look at your blog and see what you have been up to instead of just looking at a vanilla-like resume filled with buzzwords that someone copied from some web site. That’s not to say the resumes are a thing of the past, no. Resume will still be used to list your eduction, past jobs, achievement, etc. However, a blog actually proves that you did something.

Should Twitter be used as well?

On Twitter

Exadel ( and me ( are now on . I know there is a way to post blog entries directly onto Twitter, need to find out how.

Got an exception? Call your insurance agent

I was looking at my car insurance bill and got the message below (click on image). Look what it says at the top, “Technical error has occurred. Please contact your agent“. I wonder if my agent knows what’s a NullPointerException. I’m sure there is a better way to handle an exception than to print a message to call your agent.


Java Persistence Frameworks reviewed

When I do onsite JSF/RichFaces training, I usually get this question: “So, which persistence framework should we use with JSF?”. My experience has been using Hibernate, JBoss Seam (using Hibernate and JPA). Obviously there is no right or wrong answer here, but this article, Adopting a Java Persistence Framework: Which, When, and What? should shed some light on what’s available today and how the technologies compare.

I'm going there tomorrow


The picture was taken in 2003, but Heavenly got a few snow storms in the past two weeks so skiing should be excellent.

You think AJAX is challenging?

If you think AJAX is challenging, check out this video. Any one who ever skied or snowboarded will find this video amazing. So, what do you think? AJAX development or this easy black diamond?