JavaFX 2.0 – no Mac or Linux support?

In early February JavaFX 2.0 preview was released to partners and beta testers. A number of articles and blogs appeared demonstrating the new JavaFX 2.0 API (here, here and here). In general the feedback was very good and everyone is impressed with JavaFX 2.0. I think everyone likes that idea that plain Java again is…More

Java on the client, Flash, mobile

Reader Alex posted this comment on my Java on the client…again post (I’m only quoting Alex’s last paragraph). This is a very interesting part: For good or ill, the debate is becoming moot as mobile takes over. The future of “client-side” Java is most likely on Android. What remains on the desktop will either be…More

Java on the client… again.

Yakov Fain blogged that Java on the client has no chance succeeding with the current complicated installation process. Unfortunately I agree. But, I also think there is even a bigger and very closely related problem, launching Java client applications. I blogged about it here. Launching Java applications on the client could be very challenging. With…More

What is going to happen with Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse?

JavaFX 2.0 will use Java APIs instead of JavaFX script to build user interfaces. If you are curious what’s going happen with Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse, I blogged about it in JavaOne 2010: what happened with JavaFX (part 2) post. Here is the excerpt on the plug-in (and Flamingo): How was Exadel involved with…More

JavaOne 2010: what happened with JavaFX (part 2)

This is part two of my JavaOne 2010 review and thoughts. To read part one, click here. What happened with JavaFX? As everyone knows by now, Oracle is making significant changes to JavaFX. Oracle is stopping any further development of JavaFX Script. Instead, it will develop Java APIs which will become a part of JavaFX…More

Exadel Flamingo now supports CDI and Bean Validation for JavaFX

Exadel Flamingo now has support for CDI (JSR299) and Bean Validation (JSR303). You can try the features from a nightly build. The following features are supported so far: Calling CDI bean methods Support for EL (Expression Language). Bind to values and invoke methods with EL in JavaFX CDI conversations Bean Validation (JSR303) To download a…More

RichFaces workshop in Germany

I will be presenting and teaching a RichFaces workshop in Nuremberg, Germany during Herbstcampus conference, September 12 – September 15, 2010. With the upcoming RichFaces 4 release, the workshop will cover RichFaces version 4. This is a great opportunity to learn standard JSF 2 Ajax features and how RichFaces 4 advanced features, tags, customization and…More

JavaFX… it does have a future

In looking back at my JavaFX… does it have a future? posting, my views have been changed by some of the comments made (here and here), in particular about JavaFX vs. Flash/Flex and Java Web Start. JavaFX and applets I agree that comparing JavaFX applets vs Flash/Flex is not something we should be doing. Flash…More