Two webinars: JavaFX and Enterprise JavaFX

Here are two great webinars (recordings) to learn about JavaFX as well as how to use JavaFX in the enterprise:

JavaFX: Rich Internet Experiences (by Jacob Lehrbaum, Sun)
JavaFX: Serving the Next Billion
Introduction to JavaFX platform, script and more

Enterprise JavaFX (by Max Katz, Charley Cowens, Exadel)
Build RIA Applications with JavaFX, Flamingo and Seam
This webinar demonstrates how to connect JavaFX to enterprise back end, in particular to Seam.

Links for 2008-06-17

Exadel’s Flamingo Project for Rapid Flex and Java Development
The article talks about rapid development of Flex/JavaFX applications with Seam/Spring backends with Exadel Flamingo.

In Vienna, JSFDays*08

Arrived in Vienna yesterday for JSFDays*08 conference. Listening to Ed Burn’s keynote session right now. Come and talk to me, I would love to talk to you about RichFaces and your RIA plans.

Links for 2008-03-04

Hello, Flex, Silverlight and JavaFX

When JavaFX joins Flex and Silverlight – we will have three technologies play the RIA battle. Flex so far it the clear winner but when JavaFX is released, it will be a worthy candidate as it’s based on Java and will be a natural choice for many organizations.

My article in JDJ: Enterprise Rich Internet Applications Tools – JSF, Flex, and JavaFX

An article that I wrote has been published in Java Developer’s Journal: Enterprise Rich Internet Applications Tools – JSF, Flex, and JavaFX

Links for 2008-01-22

Life after Struts 1.0
Question posted by Rick Hightower on LinkedIn. Lots of interesting opinions on JSF.

Inside RIA
A new site launched by O’Reilly. It currently has blog posts from leading RIA developers. ended up on Time’s 5 Worst Web Sites. I worked for as a Java Engineer in San Francisco right after college in 2000. It was a great place to work, great people. It had a feeling of a real San Francisco “startup” back then. Anything I built back then has long been retired – just wanted to make that clear :).

How many AJAX frameworks?

Have you ever wondered how many AJAX frameworks are there? Well, check out question #3 in this survey. For some reason RichFaces is still represented by Ajax4jsf in the list.